Curriculum Intent

“To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world”

- Chinese proverb

Our ambition is for all of our students to become confident, resilient and successful linguists. With such an abundance of mother tongues in our community, many will already have an appreciation of how it feels to live and breathe another language socially, morally and culturally. This will be the driving force to enable all learners to develop secure knowledge of the Spanish language and a genuine curiosity about Hispanic culture, simultaneously exploring and sharing about their own identities. Alongside this, our learners will be able to see themselves and relate to others in their learning journey, developing an ever-evolving understanding of their role, including the social and moral responsibilities and opportunities that they face in an increasingly globalised world.

Our Spanish curriculum has been designed to enable our learners to:

  • Be fearless linguists with an ever-developing knowledge of increasingly complex vocabulary and grammar
  • Have a true appreciation of cultural, social and moral situations in the Hispanic world by relating these to their own lives and communities
  • Use a range of problem solving and critical thinking skills which enable them to read, listen, write and speak with progressive eloquence
  • Understand and respond to native spoken and written language from a variety of authentic and meaningful resources, which foster their curiosity
  • See mistakes as positive learning experiences and openly share misconceptions
  • Speak and write with increasing confidence, fluency and spontaneity
  • Discover different ways of communicating, including through discussion and asking questions
  • Continually improve the accuracy of their pronunciation, intonation and written Spanish
  • Write at varying length, for different purposes and audiences, using a variety of complex grammatical structures and creative vocabulary, with progressive confidence and spontaneity
  • Appreciate the power of diversity and communication in an ever-globalised world

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