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As students of Geography we work hard

We are curious and passionate about our world and everything in it. We want to explore and understand the reasons why things happen on our planet including people and the natural environment. As students of Geography we want to develop our knowledge and geographical skills so we make an informed analysis and judgement of situations and the world around us.

As teachers of Geography we work hard

We cultivate safe learning environments where we fuel students’ curiosity about our world. We scaffold learning in ways that help students to develop their skills of knowledge understanding and evaluation. We support them in making their own analysis of geographical phenomenon using the skills and knowledge learnt so that they can make an informed decision on global events. We help our students to understand what careers are possible in Geography going onto further study.

As students of Geography we are kind

We are empathetic and respectful of people and the environments that make our world and intern we can appreciate the diversity in our school and in our community. We strive to be well rounded citizens with cultural capital who help each other when needed.

As teachers of Geography we are kind

We are role models for our students by reading widely and staying up to date with current geographical issues. We show empathy and understanding for people and the environments in our world and in turn this will help our diverse school and community become better people who can make informed decisions.

Our ambition is to give students a broad understanding and curiosity of our world. Pupils shall be able to analyse both people and the natural environment. We aim to develop individual geographical skills and knowledge of the pupils so that they can make informed decisions on the world and events around them.

Our core values are hard work, kindness and empathy. In addition, equipping our students with the depth of knowledge and skills required to understand how the world works and to be able to make informed decisions.

Long Term Plan for Geography


To develop great geographers:

  • Enable all our geographers to understand the physical processes that shape the world around them
  • Assess the complex range of human processes that influence their everyday lives
  • Promote a curiosity in our pupils so they are always searching, stretching themselves outside of their comfort zone and experience things they haven’t before
  • Skilled young geographers who are confident in using different sources of geographical data
  • Through the planning and sequencing of lessons geographers are able to reach justified decisions and reasoned conclusions about geographical issues make decisions at a variety of scales.
  • Be empathetic who care for our world at all scales and can think beyond how they feel to consider other points of views so they can have a positive impact on their own and others futures, to be positive global citizens for future learning and employment.


  • Teach our powerful knowledge in a variety of creative and inspiring ways
  • Teach lessons that allow pupils to demonstrate their independence and follow their curiosity
  • Teach lessons which actively promote geographical literacy and oracy
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to embed core knowledge and actively recall this
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to gain fluency with geographical skills

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