Welcome to the Music Department

Welcome to the Music Department at Nottingham Free School!

The music department delivers a broad experience of musicianship to pupils by having opportunities to develop performance, composition and appraising skills.

The scheme of learning ensures that all students have the opportunity to develop these skills through practical and written assessment, allowing continual progress of these skills through the 3 or 5 years they study music. Through topic learning pupils are able to put the skills they learn into context within a variety of different genres. In all lessons, students are provided with work that challenges pupils but also supports students who need more guidance in lessons.

Pupils are taught how to use a variety of instruments, how to write music for various different genres and how to listen for certain stylistic characteristics. Both practical and theory assessments allow students to develop a well rounded approach at applying their knowledge in a variety of ways and these important skills are then transferrable into the GCSE curriculum.

Throughout their learning, careers within music are signposted allowing pupils to know the musical paths they could take. This encourages pupils to think about their GCSE choices and whether they wish to choose GCSE music to help with their career path.

The curriculum aids students to determine their musical preferences whilst also appreciating music from different styles and cultures. It allows pupils to experience music that they may have not had the chance to experience and also appreciate other forms of music.

Curriculum overview

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Instrumental Lessons at NFS

Pupils have the opportunity to have private lessons on musical instruments at Nottingham Free School. These lessons are provided by Nottingham Music Tuition.

The instruments we offer are:

Piano, Singing, Drums, Guitar, Violin, Viola, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone, Trumpet, and Trombone.

Additional Information

We have three concerts throughout the year after school hours which are to showcase the talent we have at NFS. Pupils are given the opportunity to perform in front of parents and peers and to build towards confidently playing to an audience.

We have a lunch time music club on a Monday to encourage creative music making as well as two enrichment lessons, Choir and School Band.

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