Welcome to the English Department

Our ambition is for all of our students to be fluent, confident readers, writers and speakers. They will read widely and often, finding the value in literature and language, and they will express themselves clearly, purposefully and with accuracy. Essentially, our students will harness the power of language to enrich their lives.

Our core values, hard work and kindness, equip our students with the depth of character required to tackle problems and pursue happy, successful and fulfilled lives.

As students of English we work hard

We are keen readers, passionate about using literature and language to expand our knowledge and understanding of history, cultures and humanity. We are courageous and determined to communicate with fluency and confidence, whilst growing our resilience to setbacks. Every word and idea we learn and use, in reading, writing and speech, is a stepping stone on our journey to success.

As teachers of English we work hard

We cultivate safe learning environments where we fuel students' curiosity about the best of what has been said, written and done within the worlds of literature and language. We scaffold learning in ways the help students to develop their skills of reading and writing, of analysis and interpretation, of speech and communication. We then support them to strengthen and sharpen their own voices and challenge them to never give up. We help our students to understand that confidence and competence in English is key to achieving long term goals.

As students of English we are kind

We are growing up together. We read together, discuss ideas together, and value each other's opinions and interpretations. We are empathetic and respectful young people who appreciate the diversity in literature and in our community.

As teachers of English we are kind

We are role models for our students by reading widely and often and by sharing our passion for literature. We enjoy the privilege of sharing their journeys into read and imaginary worlds leading to infinite and exciting futures, helping them to develop and strengthen their creativity, power and identity.

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