Nottingham Free School has a very clear and distinctive ethos. Our culture aims to develop highly aspirant students and is centred on our passionate belief that every child can succeed.

Our vision is to ensure all our students achieve a good career through university or equivalent training. Our high aspirations combine the key strands of strong achievement, employability skills and consideration towards others which is summed up in our motto 'work hard be kind'. These principles, which guide our school community, enable our students to reach this goal and be well-rounded citizens who are highly desired by higher education and employers.

We encourage staff to be creative, independent and ambitious. We expect them to challenge and inspire our students, providing high quality learning experiences that motivate students to be the very best they can. High standards and academic rigour underpin our daily work.

We develop commitment, independence and courtesy in all of our students. We expect the very highest standards and in return we value and respect student ideas and opinions.

We explicitly promote leadership skills and offer a range of opportunities for students to take an active role in developing their school.

Our extended school day enables us to offer a wide-ranging enrichment programme and opportunities to promote independent learning. Students are expected to learn beyond the classroom and to develop the skills and attributes they need to compete with the very best in the country.

Celebrating our diverse community is a thread that runs through all aspects of our school life.