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Mathematics Department Vision and Values

Our ambition is to engage all of our students in an enriching education that broadens their horizons and deepens their understanding of the world and the true value to be found in human experience.

Our core values, hard work and kindness, equip our students with the depth of character required to tackle problems and pursue happy, successful and fulfilled lives.

As students of Mathematics we work hard

We are problem solvers, inquisitive and passionate about unlocking the hidden elements of the word around us. We are courageous and determined in our journey through Mathematics, developing our fluency and communicating our reasoning of skills, to then apply to more complex problems. We are resilient to setbacks by correcting and understanding our mistakes. Every skill and problem we overcome is a step on our journey to success.

As teachers of Mathematics we work hard

We cultivate safe learning environments where we fuel students’ curiosity about the best of what has been said and done in Mathematics and how it is interwoven into other subjects. We scaffold learning in ways that help students to build on their current knowledge and then we support them to apply these new skills to unfamiliar problems and challenge them to never give up. We help our students to understand that communicating their thinking and solutions clearly is key to achieving their long term goals.

As students of Mathematics we are kind

We are growing up together, we practise together, discuss our reasoning together and learn from each other’s approaches. We support each other to understand and to overcome our mistakes, working independently or as a team. We are empathetic, and respectful young people who appreciate the diversity in the roots of Mathematics.

As teachers of Mathematics we are kind

We are role models for our students by demonstrating our thinking, reasoning and solutions and by sharing our passion for how mathematics allows us to understand the world. We enjoy the privilege of sharing their journeys through the world of mathematics and watching their links between skills and concepts grow to make them well rounded problem solvers.

June 2022


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