Welcome to the Physical Education Department

Our ambition is to engage all of our students in an enriching physical education that broadens their experiences of sport/physical activity and deepens their understanding of the benefits of leading a healthy, active lifestyle outside of and after school.

Our core values, hard work and kindness, equip our students with the depth of character required to tackle problems and pursue happy, successful and fulfilled lives.

As students of PE we work hard

We are team players and tactical problem-solvers who are passionate about expanding our knowledge and understanding of skills, rules and strategy. We are courageous and determined to communicate effectively in the pursuit of success. We are also resilient to losses; ensuring we always exercise sportsmanship. Every skill acquired, helps us build towards a healthier and more active lifestyle, which we will continue beyond school.

As teachers of PE we work hard

We cultivate safe learning environments where we fuel students’ curiosity about the best of what has been said and done within all sporting facets. We scaffold learning in ways that help students develop core and advanced skills, respect for rules, the opposition and officials and have a desire to participate in sport through enjoyable lesson experiences. We support them to be resilient through practice and challenge them to never give up. We help our students to understand that physical activity underpins both a happy and healthy life.

As students of PE we are kind

We are growing up together. We compete together, laugh together, communicate respectfully towards each other and, whilst we strive to be effective as individuals, we appreciate the benefits of being a part of a team. We are empathetic and respectful young people who value the diversity in sport and in our community.

As teachers of PE we are kind

We are role models for our students by leading balanced, healthy and active lifestyles. We take part in physical activity and discuss our own participation and competition with them. We enjoy the privilege of the reciprocity of then sharing their journeys in to clubs and physical activities, beyond our lessons. We help them to develop their sense of responsibility and respect for themselves through the concept of sport being a microcosm of society, where behaviours are to be mirrored

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