Uniform and Equipment

Purchase of school uniform

The official supplier of our school uniform is Academy School Uniforms who are a subsidiary of Just-School Wear Ltd.

The only service currently available for purchasing uniform, is online -


Please click here for further information.

For Guaranteed September 2022 Back to School deliveries, orders need to be placed before Friday 5 August 2022

All Just-School Wear Ltd Retail shops’ are currently open for collections, returns and a uniform fitting service only and do not hold any uniform stock.

  • Online orders can be delivered direct to home – with Direct to Home via DPD (delivery charged), or collect from one of their stores, free of charge. Store locations and opening times can be found on the following link; https://just-schoolwear.co.uk/our-stores/
  • Home delivery (orders up to £99.99 = £4.95 delivery charge) Orders over £100 are Free delivery to home.

If you have any questions regarding uniform please contact Just Schoolwear at info@just-schoolwear.co.uk.

If you require financial support in purchasing our uniform please contact school by telephone - 0115 896 4949 or email - contact@nottinghamfreeschool.co.uk to discuss.

School trousers & Skirts

The only trousers and skirts permitted to be worn in school are the standardised school ones with the Nottingham Free School logo. This is due to the increasing inconsistency in trousers and skirts worn to school which do not meet our uniform policy. Trousers and skirts can be purchased from Academy School Uniforms, as above.

The school uniform and dress code

  • School Blazer - School regulation grey blazer, with official school badge (compulsory), purchased through Academy School Uniforms
  • School Tie - purchased through Academy School Uniforms or direct from school
  • School Regulation Skirt –School regulation black knee length skirt, with official school badge (compulsory for girls wishing to wear a skirt - no other skirt style is permitted), purchased through Academy School Uniforms
  • School Regulation Trousers - School regulation black trousers for boys and girls with official school badge (no other trousers, jeans or skinny fit trousers are permitted, purchased through Academy School Uniforms
  • Shirt – formal white, long or short sleeves with stiff collar
  • Jumper – School regulation grey V-neck (non-compulsory) purchased through school
  • Socks – plain black
  • Shoes – plain black lace-up or slip-on shoes in a formal style. Please note that boots, fabric/pump style shoes or trainers are not permitted. Please click here for examples.
  • Coat – (non-compulsory) – plain dark raincoat, duffel or anorak. A discreet logo is permissible. Coats are generally not to be worn in or around school during the working day. Denim, leather jackets and hoodies are not permitted. These items will be confiscated and placed in the school safe until parents are able to collect them.
  • Hat – Summer hat: Students may wear suitable hats for protection from the sun in the summer months to and from school and when outside of the building during break times. These may be agreed with the student’s Head of Year. Winter hat: plain winter hat. Baseball caps are not permitted in any circumstances, including journeys to and from school.
  • Headscarf (for religious reasons) – plain black or light grey head scarf

PE Kit

  • School regulation Black/Royal Polo Shirt (unisex or girls fit) with official school badge (compulsory), purchased through Academy School Uniforms
  • School regulation Unisex Black Hoodie with official school badge (compulsory), purchased through Academy School Uniforms
  • One or more of the following as required, purchased through Academy School Uniforms;
  1. School regulation Black/Royal Shorts, with official school badge
  2. School regulation Black/Royal Skort, with official school badge
  3. School regulation Black Leggings, with official school logo
  4. School regulation Black/Royal Tracksuit Bottoms with official school badge
  • Royal Blue long sports socks (compulsory) purchased through Academy School Uniforms or elsewhere
  • Short White sports socks (compulsory) can be purchased elsewhere
  • Appropriate outdoor trainers with ankle supports/football boots (not plimsolls or high top trainers) with non marking soles
  • Shin Pads
  • Other - Navy or Black 'skin tops', woolley hat, gloves (where this is appropriate for the activity) can be worn in colder weather. A mouth guard is optional but recommended.

Summer Uniform

At times of extreme heat students will be informed by the Head of School when ties and blazers may be taken off in school. However, it is expected they will be worn on journeys to and from school and on school trips.

Mobile Phones/Smart Watches

Any use of a mobile phone or smart watch – whether it is for calls, messaging, photographs, video films or games – is strictly prohibited during the school day. Any abuse of the above rules or if a mobile phone or smart watch is seen will result in the phone’s/watch immediate confiscation. Students who object to this will incur sanctions for uncooperative behaviour. School does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to these items, should this rule be broken and these items should not be brought in to school. Sanctions will be issued if a mobile phone or smart watch is used in school, during either lesson times or recreation. It will be confiscated, and a parent/carer required to collect the item from the school office.


Students may wear a watch (not smart watch) and a plain pair of gold/silver (no jewels) stud earrings but no other jewellery is permitted due to health and safety issues and liability in case of loss. Therefore, if students wish to have any part of their body pierced they must arrange this at the beginning of the Summer holidays so that the wound has sufficient time to heal. Plasters may not be worn to cover body jewellery. If students disregard this they will be isolated from other students until they comply with the regulation.

Hairstyles and Attire

Baseball caps are not permitted in any circumstances.

Hairstyles and hair colour should not be extreme. Parents should consult, in advance, with the Head of Year if they are unsure as to the suitability of a change of style. The school shall be the arbiter of the term ‘extreme’.

As part of this we do not allow students to have their hair or sections of their hair to be dyed with a non-natural hair colour.

If students disregard this they will be isolated from other students until they comply with the regulation.


For Health & Safety reasons make-up and nail polish are not permitted. In exceptional circumstances light foundation will be permitted to disguise skin complaints (a medical note from the GP will need to be provided for this).


​Students are expected to have the following items everyday:

  • a pencil case containing: two pens (blue or black ink), a green pen, two pencils, a whiteboard marker pen (drywipe), pencil sharpener, rubber and a ruler
  • a scientific calculator
  • their student planner
  • a reading book for our daily DEAR (drop everything and read) session

At various times they may also need a protractor and a pair of compasses.

Cycles and scooters

Students who cycle to school must ensure that their cycle is in a safe state of repair and keep to the rules of the road. Students must not cycle in the school car parks or on school premises. Students who leave their cycles on the school premises do so at their own risk and are advised to use a safety lock. Cycles can be locked in the cycle racks available at the back of school.

Students are not allowed to travel to school on a scooter or skateboard. If they are seen doing this, the scooter/skateboard will be confiscated and a parent/carer will need to collect it.

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