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'Inspired goals, valued achievements' - How does a student report reflect our core values?

Our core values, hard work and kindness, equip our students with the depth of character required to tackle problems and pursue happy, successful and fulfilled lives. We want our students to be courageous and determined in the pursuit of their goals:

  • Short-term goals (working hard in class, good quality homework and kindness, which are reflected in their 'working hard?' and 'being kind?' scores)
  • Long-term goals (qualifications that provide a pathway to future academic and vocational qualifications).

The attainment on your child's report should reflect the impact of their hard work and the support and challenge from our teachers.

Here is our Reporting Calendar for 2021-22:

What information is on a year 7, 8 and 9 report?

  • Hard Work and Kindness scores
  • Current Grades (CG)
  • Attendance %

What are Hard Work and Kindness scores?

We directly report on whether students are demonstrating our core values of hard work and kindness. Subject teachers and tutors will score students referencing two key questions:

  1. Working hard?
  2. Being kind?

Students and their families will see one of three scores for each question:

What are CGs?

Current Grades are teacher judgments about the standard of work your child is currently producing. This standard can broadly signal the grades they could achieve by the end of year 11:

What information is on a year 10 and 11 report?

  • Hard Work and Kindness scores (same as 7, 8 and 9 reports)
  • Current Grades (CG)
  • Predicted Grades (PG)
  • Target Grades (TG)
  • Attendance %

What are…

CGs? - This is the grade that your child is currently working at, based on evidence from classwork, homework, and class tests/coursework.
PGs? – This is the grade that your child’s teacher predicts they will achieve in that subject, based on their CG.
TGs? – The grade we have seen similar students achieve in the past, with hard work.

How are CURRENT GRADES calculated?

Our teachers use, low- and medium-stakes assessments to calculate a current grade. Final certified GCSE grades are the outcome of high-stakes external assessments.

What are GCSE grades (1-9)?

What are Parent-Teacher Meetings (P-TM)?

Parent-Teacher Meetings, formerly called Parents' Evenings, are critical for families to gain feedback on:

  1. What has been taught
  2. Hard work and kindness in lessons
  3. Standard of work produced (CGs/PGs)
  4. Future goals and pathways

More information about our online booking system can be found here: Parent-Teacher Meetings

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