Pupil Reports

Three reports are provided for parents/carers over the course of the academic year. These reports provide information on current attainment, attitude to learning and homework scores and are uploaded onto the Insight system. Paper copies can be provided on request.

All parents are expected to attend their child's yearly parents' evening where more detailed discussions can take place with subject teachers. We also hold a review day once a year where parents meet with their child's tutor to discuss a broader range of information.

Should you wish to discuss your child's progress at any other time during the year, then please contact your child's form tutor for further information.

The student report explained

The details below give further context to the information you will receive with your son/daughters report.

Reading Age
Each student is tested for their reading age. A reading age of 11 years and 3 months means the child has the reading ability you would expect of an 11 year old. The result (given in years and months) should be at least the same as their actual age. Any reading ages below a student’s actual age require extra practice and support at home and school to improve. All students should be encouraged to read on a daily basis for information and enjoyment.

Attitude and Homework
The table below shows the descriptors for the homework and attitude scores:

Score Descriptors
1 Outstanding – every effort is made to strive for excellence.
2 Good – students always meet basic expectations but do not always strive for excellence.
3 Requires improvement – bare minimum expectations are met.
4 Inadequate – basic expectations are not met.

Students are issued a current attainment level (CAL) for each subject at three points during the year. This level is based on their work in class to date as well as any assessments which have been carried out. It is reported as a points score (please see the conversion table below).

End of Year Target
This is the target points score we expect students to obtain at the end of the academic year.

GCSE Target
This is the target points score students are working towards at the end of year 11. Equivalent GCSE scores can be found on the following conversion table.

Points Score Conversion Table
The conversion table below shows the equivalent points scores and GCSE point score.

NFS Point Scores New GCSE Levels
0 -4 0
5 - 19 1
20 -29 2
30 - 39 3
40 - 49 4
50 -59 5
60 -69 6
70 -79 7
80 - 89 8
90+ 9

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