We strive for every learner at Nottingham Free School to experience transformative and academic and personal growth. Through meaningful learning opportunities, essential lifelong skills including resilience, empathy, ambition, courage and honesty are embedded. Enrichment lessons are provided as part of our core curriculum and are challenging and aspirational for all our learners, regardless to any barriers to learning they may face.

Each student has the freedom to develop his or her interests and skills through the highest quality provision, provided often without additional cost. We offer a broad programme which provides a variety of creative, sporting, social and academic opportunities throughout the school year, some of which lead to well-known qualifications such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

We offer both team and individual sports coaching and competition and provide the opportunity to compete against other schools in regular sporting fixtures. We also offer a range of musical opportunities from instrumental lessons to group sessions and provide opportunities for students to showcase their talents in school performances.

We deliver a comprehensive range of additional educational activities, which supports classroom learning and provides wider intellectual and academic growth. This includes links with universities, external providers and educational trips.

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