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Welcome to Careers

At Nottingham Free School, students have the opportunity to acquire the skills, qualities and knowledge required to pursue the right pathway. Careers aspirational work and guidance starts in year 7 and continues throughout.

We follow the Gatsby Benchmarks, which provide the methodology by which we can significantly improve the employability and life skills of our young people regardless of their academic ability or which career pathway they chose to take. Please see our careers policy for further details.

Students experience multiple interactions with employers through careers talks, events, work experience, assemblies and in lessons across the wider curriculum. We offer impartial advice and information at key transition points to ensure that students are aware of the full range of post-16 options.

Employability skills

Preparing students for the world of work is an important aspect of their experience at Nottingham Free School and all students participate in a careers programme which is based around the ten employability goals created by D2N2:

  1. Self-motivation – taking responsibility for developing work readiness
  2. Self-assurance – having the tools and skills to present themselves to employers
  3. Aspiration – having high personal goals
  4. Informed – understanding the opportunities available and making realistic choices
  5. Experience – having experience of work that is rewarding and fulfilling
  6. Achieving – qualifications valued by employers
  7. Accountability – understanding how to take responsibility
  8. Resilience – understanding employers need for people who can listen and learn
  9. Entrepreneurial – working creatively to achieve personal and business potential
  10. Co-operation – developing effective communication and co working skills

Students keep a record of all their experiences related to these goals in a skills passport. All enrichment activities are related to the employability skills in order for students to choose activities which provide them with a well-rounded profile of skills.

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