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Welcome to PSHE & Careers

PSHCE (Personal, social, health and citizenship education)

Our curriculum aim in PSHCE is to prepare young people from year 7 all the way to year 13 for life after school, each year has a carefully planned range of topics with crucial topics such as SRE, Mental Health, Internet safety, Safeguarding issues, Citizenship and Careers embedded into each year group. Each year builds on the knowledge from the year prior ensuring that the key topics are repeated throughout the years. NFS PSHCE lessons also help develop an open culture in the school, teaching pupils that no subject is taboo to discuss. As a result of this pupils are more comfortable discussing issues such as mental health and relationship issues, pupils here also have a strong idea of what is right.

Certain topics have been brought in as a result of issues in the school, such as Misogyny which helps pupils’ interpret the world around them and recognise both misogynistic language and the need for more equality in our everyday language. Topics such as extremism and radicalisation are taught so pupils can understand the signs of someone who is being radicalised, this in turn makes them more aware as members of the community and prepares them for their role as responsible citizens after school. FGM is another topic which ensures that pupils also become eyes and ears for vulnerable pupils as well as topics such as Young Carers which has been introduced this year and will hopefully ensure young carers being identified earlier in the school so that they can access the support that is needed.

The PSHCE topics are planned carefully to ensure that all our pupils are well rounded individuals who show tolerance, respect, empathy and understanding for different people and different situations. The aim of the lessons is to help pupils deal with these issues, seek support and develop coping mechanisms to function when they face these issues both during school but in later life. Pupils are also taught about their rights, the law in many aspects of life and their duty and responsibility as citizens of this country. Overall the PSHCE curriculum offers a wide range of topics that help create well rounded, respectful and responsible young people.

The topics covered by students during their weekly 45 minute dedicated PSHCE lesson include:

Year group Topics covered
7 SEAL Transition
British Citizenship
Internet Safety
Safeguarding Topics such as Radicalisation, Extremism and FGM
Mental Health Awareness
Puberty and Hygiene
Smoking and its dangers
Healthy Eating
Employability and Careers
8 Drugs, Energy Drinks and Alcohol
Mental Health issues and mindfulness
British Citizenship and Refugees
Study Support
Options and Careers
Internet Safety
Safeguarding issues such as Radicalisation and FGM
Healthy relationships & Peer Pressure (including introduction to contraception and consent)
Gender Identity
9 Mental Health issues and mindfulness
British Citizenship and Values
First aid including CPR training
Healthy relationships - Including consent and the law
Contraception and STI's
Study Support
Domestic Violence
Safeguarding issues including FGM and introduction of Forced Marriage
10 Dangers of drugs and alcohol, including Cannabis debate
Discussing and learning about misogyny within society
E-saftey including sexting
Healthy relationships including realistic expectations
Homelessness in the UK
Careers including Writing a CV
Internet and the Workplace
Study Support
Mental Health with a focus on Anxiety and Depression
Gang culture and knife crime
Preparing for Work Experience
Interview Preparation
Sun Safety
Year 11 College applications - making decisions about sixthform
Knife crime
Study skills and preparation for assessments
Mental health, with focus on anxiety and exam stress
Alcohol and Drugs- staying safe

Our news page will keep you updated on the wealth of external provider opportunities we also offer.


Preparing students for the world of work is an important aspect of their experience at Nottingham Free School and all students participate in a careers programme (click here to download the whole school careers plan) which is based around the the ten employability goals:

  1. Self-motivation – taking responsibility for developing work readiness
  2. Self-assurance – having the tools and skills to present themselves to employers
  3. Aspiration – having high personal goals
  4. Informed – understanding the opportunities available and making realistic choices
  5. Experience – having experience of work that is rewarding and fulfilling
  6. Achieving – qualifications valued by employers
  7. Accountability – understanding how to take responsibility
  8. Resilience – understanding employers need for people who can listen and learn
  9. Entrepreneurial – working creatively to achieve personal and business potential
  10. Co-operation – developing effective communication and co working skills

Students keep a record of all their experiences related to these goals in a skills passport. All enrichment activities are related to the employability skills in order for students to choose activities which provide them with a well rounded profile of skills.

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