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Curriculum consultation for September 2020

We have concluded our curriculum consultation having sought the views of students, parents, staff and governors. Full information can be seen in the curriculum consultation document and response. This also details the new timetable/curriculum structure and timings of the school day.

Our Curriculum Intent

Nottingham Free School’s vision is that all our students experience an excellent education. Our work hard be kind ethos is at the heart of our daily practice and fully prepares students for future education and employment. This will be achieved through a carefully designed curriculum.

Our curriculum is designed to be broad, challenging and engaging which enables strong achievement supporting every student for post-16 and beyond. All students will learn through a knowledge-based curriculum which builds on prior understanding and develops independent study skills. This enables our students to recall and apply their knowledge in a variety of contexts.

Subject specialists carefully plan and sequence learning in order for students to gain a deep and secure understanding of the appropriate knowledge. Self-awareness and evaluation skills are developed through the use of a variety of regular assessments and frequent opportunities are provided to broaden students’ vocabulary and reading skills. Students are encouraged to become independent learners and to self-challenge where possible.

The essential knowledge that students need to be educated, well-rounded citizens who are physically and mentally healthy (their cultural capital) is developed through many elements of our curriculum. Our commitment to high numbers of students following the suite of English Baccalaureate subjects ensures that they learn about the physical and social aspects of the world around them, our country’s past and about cultures with other languages. Students are exposed to carefully selected resources and are offered a wide variety of trips and experiences that give them a broader and deeper understanding of society and culture.

A core provision of our school is having compulsory enrichment and study lessons for all students. These develop students’ independent study skills enabling them to choose the best approach to securing knowledge in their long term memories. Enrichment sessions provide a pathway for students to develop their employability skills, which are known to be desired by employers, and to be able to articulate these to others.

We value our diverse community and ensure that our curriculum is inclusive and accessible to all. We adapt our curriculum, where appropriate, for those who may need support in the essential foundations in English and mathematics. Many opportunities are taken to promote British values and to enable our students to meet our high expectations in regards to their attitude to learning. Ultimately, we desire our students to be well prepared for their futures and to develop a lifelong love of learning through their curriculum experience with us.

Curriculum details

Our school day starts at 8.20am and ends at different times during the week, please click the link to see the current timings of the school day. These will only be in place for 2019-20. New times of the school day will start in September 2020 - see the curriculum consultation document at the top of this page for details.

To see the subjects studied and the number of lessons per week please click 'our school curriculum' to see the overview for each year group. These will only be in place for 2019-20. A new timetable and curriculum structure will start in September 2020 - see the curriculum consultation document at the top of this page for details.

Please see the links on the table to the left for curriculum details specific to each year group including subject overview plans. Individual subject areas will have more detailed information about their schemes of work.

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