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At Nottingham Free School Personal Development is interwoven within all aspects of our provision, from our curriculum, our extra curricular activities, PSHE/Philosophy and Ethics lessons, student forums to our pastoral care and directed study. Our aim is to help pupils to grow in all aspects, not solely academic but in their resilience, their sense of purpose, empathy and their aspirations. We want our pupils to leave our school with the sense of self worth, to be problem solvers and active citizens who will flourish in society.

One of our main focuses is on character development, children are rewarded for being resilient, kind, determined, courageous, inquisitive and hard working. These are characteristics that are part of our everyday vocabulary and instilled in our school vision and values. We cultivate safe learning environments and ensure that protected characteristics are respected, this is built through PSHE/ Philosophy & Ethics lessons, assemblies as well as supportive student forums to ensure pupils feel like they have a voice but also a network that they can rely on. The forums along with lessons promote social justice, equality and help them to learn and debate respectfully.

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