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Homework at Nottingham Free School is changing!

The main objective of any homework task is to ensure students can continue their journey of progress beyond the classroom. The most effective homework is organised, monitored and helps students deepen their understanding and consolidate their learning. With this in mind, we are introducing knowledge organisers across all year groups to help students in this journey to success and support the knowledge needed for the new GCSE courses. A knowledge organiser is an information page containing key information, concepts and subject specific terminology/information related to the units being studied that half term.

How to Use the Knowledge Organisers

Students should memorise the information provided by subjects using the strategies explained in the booklet and they will be assessed by a variety of in class strategies through the half term. The aim being that by the end of the half term they will be able to completely reproduce the knowledge organiser.

All year groups should follow the timetable in their booklet to know which subject to complete each night and this will be checked through their work book by their independent study teachers. Students should spend the following amount of time on each subject:

  • Year 7-8: 20-30 minutes
  • Year 9-11: 30-45 minutes

Please see the knowledge organiser instructions within the booklet for more information on how students should use their workbooks.

What will happen if students are not completing the knowledge organiser tasks and how will this be decided?

Ultimately, students who do not complete the memorising tasks are in danger of being left behind in class. This will be monitored both by the students’ independent study teachers through their workbooks and class teachers by regular mini-tests and their ability to recall the information needed in class.

​​All students must:

Use the workbook provided to show the work completed daily for each subject directed on their timetable.

Bring their knowledge organiser and workbook with them EVERYDAY to school, not just the days they have independent study. It should be kept in their homework folder to ensure it stays neat and safe.

Just a reminder:

Failure to show homework for ALL FIVE days of the week will result in a homework detention.

Staff will regularly want to test students in lessons on knowledge from the organiser; they will give prior warning of this and it should be recorded in their planner.

At the end of the half term students should be able to recreate the whole knowledge organiser this will be tested in class.

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