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The main objective of any homework task is to ensure students can continue their journey of progress beyond the classroom. The most effective homework is organised, monitored and helps students deepen their understanding and consolidate their learning.

With this in mind, we have introduced knowledge organisers across all year groups to help students on their journey to success and support them learning the knowledge needed for the new GCSE courses.

A knowledge organiser is an information page containing key information, concepts and subject specific terminology/information related to the units being studied that half term.

Students will be directed each week to memorise chunks of the knowledge organiser using the strategies explained in their planners, on pages 15-24,

The knowledge learning will be tested through recall in lessons by teachers, using a variety of strategies. Additionally, they may need their knowledge learning to consolidate further by completing written tasks from the mindmaps they have created.

The goal is that a student can completely reproduce the knowledge organiser; this would show they have all the knowledge needed to apply to an exam question, or indeed a real scenario, on this subject.

Year 7-9 follow a two-week timetable for homework, with core subjects setting homework every week and other subjects once a fortnight. They should follow the timetable in their planner to know which subject to complete each night; spreading their homework out like this will help it feel less overwhelming.

Year 10-11 will receive homework every week from their core and option subjects. This will be either knowledge learning or a consolidation task.

A rough guide to how long a student should spend on each piece of homework is as follows:

  • Year 7-8: 20-30 minutes
  • Year 9-10: 30-45 minutes
  • Year 11: 45-60 minutes

Students who do not complete the tasks set are in danger of being left behind in class. This will be monitored by the students’ class teachers by regular mini-tests and their ability to recall the information needed in class.

​​All students should bring their knowledge organiser booklet to school with them EVERYDAY as there will be times staff may use these in lessons.

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