Curriculum Intent

"Theatre is at its best when everybody is in that shared space, seeing something magical happen together."

- Lynette Linton

(Artistic Director Bush Theatre, London 2023)

Our ambition is for all of our students to become competent, fulfilled theatre makers who have an appreciation of drama and all that goes in to creating it. Drama has a significant role to play in the social, academic and artistic education of our young people. Working collaboratively, learners develop their own self-esteem and wellbeing, whilst developing academic skills in many areas including planning, conducting research and team working; as well as learning how to describe, explain, analyse and evaluate their own work and the work of others.

Students are taught how to adopt, create and sustain a range of roles, self-reflecting and responding appropriately to others in role. Similarly, they are skilled in improvising, devising and scripting drama for a range of audiences. They explore the various artistic forms that drama can take, empowering them to integrate their own diverse worlds, whilst simultaneously developing the language and confidence required to articulate their ideal worlds. Students will appreciate that drama is a long-established force for social change and cultural cohesion; which enables them to become increasingly aware of the social and moral responsibilities they hold as individuals to influence positive change.

With this firmly in mind, our Drama curriculum at Nottingham Free School enables learners to:

  • Be ambitious and brave theatre makers with an ever-developing knowledge of increasingly complex performance styles, forms, techniques and theatrical conventions
  • Have a true appreciation of the cultural, social and moral situations presented in theatre and relate these to their own lives and communities
  • Develop in confidence when explaining, describing, analysing and evaluating their own work and the work of others
  • Know about the different design elements involved in a theatrical production (set, lighting, sound, costume and puppet design)
  • Explore practically, as well as discuss, a range of feelings and emotions
  • Understand the importance of theatre history and its impact on the modern day
  • Use a range of problem solving, critical thinking and team working skills to enable them to work progressively as theatre makers
  • Continually improve their work by responding to feedback and developing their ideas
  • Be inspired by the work of local theatre makers and those from all around the world
  • Understand the role that professionals have in the creation of theatre and the career opportunities available to them
  • Experience watching live and streamed theatre performances

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