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Why study economics?

Well said, Joan! These are the words of economist Joan Robinson. Joan is a very scarce resource (a female economist).

Put simply, an economy is just a group of people dealing with one another as they go about their lives. All situations are economic (involve a trade-off) because society's resources and time are limited. As the great economist Thomas Sowell once said, 'There are no solutions. There are only trade-offs'.

Holding on to this truth, our students will study:

  1. How people make decisions.
  2. How people interact with one another.
  3. The forces and trends that affect the economy a whole.

Our aim is to transform students so that they better understand the world in which they live, become better decision makers and better understand the potential and limits of economic policy.

Indeed, whether the future finds them following the news, running a business or sitting in the Houses of Parliament, our students will be glad they studied economics.

As students of Economics we work hard


As teachers of Economics we work hard


As students of Economics we are kind


As teachers of Economics we are kind


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