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Physicist of the year award

On Thursday 28th June Aamina Sharif attended Nottingham University to collect her Y10 Ogden physicist of the year award. Each year the University ask each school in the area to nominate a Y10 pupil who we feel deserves this award. Aamina was nominated due to her hard work in the subject and the effort that she put in to understand difficult concepts. She will continue to probe and ask questions until she fully understands concepts and Mrs Douglas is very proud of her resilience and determination to succeed.

During the evening Aamina got to see a range of experiments, talk to some current physics students and experience a lecture on space physics giving an insight into what it is like to study physics at University. Mrs Douglas was particularly impressed at the number of girls who had been nominated for the award with around 2/3 of the awards going to female students. In a field that is often dominated by men, it was lovely to see so many girls inspired by physics and interested in studying physics at university.

Will you be your year groups 'Y10 physicist of the year'? If you are interested in physics and taking physics at A-Level and beyond then come and talk to Mrs Douglas.

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