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At Nottingham Free School, the Science department understands that learners are naturally curious and inquisitive and we encourage this through their 5 (or 7) years of learning. Through our broad scheme of learning, we ensure our learners understand that it is healthy to ask questions about the universe and we praise this curiosity through our reward system.

We understand that our students all have different skills and life experiences but we are aware that cultural capital gives us power. It helps us in achieving our goals and becoming successful. Therefore through our scheme of learning, we make sure that acquisition of scientific skills, positive attitudes and knowledge is built-on and developed throughout their school career. To facilitate this, we plan lessons that engage our learners to carry out investigations and discover answers for themselves. We also run a Science club, CREST and our very own Green project because we want our students to think beyond the classroom and have a lifelong love of learning Science.

Science is taught by subject specialists in planned and arranged subjects. Topics within Biology, Chemistry and Physics intertwine to allow learners to make links between the different areas. This not only allows for greater depth of knowledge, but allows our learners to understand the world in which they live in. Trips and visits from outside agencies also provide opportunities to learn outside of the classroom environment to gauge how science has and is changing our lives. We want to prepare our students for the future of employment and the jobs that have not yet been created!

Our curriculum allows for ideas to be explored, theories to be evaluated and arguments to be built whilst considering what impact this has on the lives around them. Each year, we build upon the learning and skill development of the previous years by testing knowledge and skills regularly and providing extra support where needed. This allows for learners to become more confident in their answers as well as more proficient in selecting equipment or collating results from practical investigations based on previous experiences. We do this because we know our students are then equipped with a broad range of skills which are transferable to the workplace.

We realize that Science is essential for all students in their future. Being able to explain how we beat bacteria, how temperature makes things happen faster and even explaining whether we think space is infinite or just very big – these are all great achievements! Completing your GCSE’s with two or three science qualifications, doing A levels, going to University, all of these are made easier by having a good knowledge and understanding of Science as a whole which is what we strive to achieve here at Nottingham Free School.

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