GCSE Course Content

There are 2 main elements to the GCSE PE course; theory and practical.


Your theory mark is 60% of your final grade will be made-up from 2 exam papers (each one worth 30% of your final grade)

You will learn about many aspects of sport and participation including; the structure and function of the body's main systems, the way the body works when exercising, many socio-cultural issues and psychological impacts on participating in sport.

This photo displays a crime scene revision lesson for Anatomy and Physiology where students had to describe the bones/muscles/lever/actions that may have left the 'body' in this position!

Practical & NEA

Your Non-Examination Assessment mark is worth 40% of your final grade.

You will be graded on your practical performance in your 3 best activities (30%), which will be marked out of 20 (and can/should include activities you compete in outside of school). 1 of these sports needs to be an individual sport, 1 needs to be a team sport and the other can be either a team or individual sport.

You will also have to complete an Analysing and Evaluating Performance controlled assessment (10%), where you look at your fitness and skill strengths and weaknesses; as a performer and suggest ways to improve these weaknesses.

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