Welcome to the Physical Education Department

Welcome to the NFS PE Department!

Here at Nottingham Free School, core PE lessons at consist of a double lesson per week, which is the equivalent of nearly 2 hours of physical activity.

PE is an excellent opportunity for pupils to take part in exercise to mentally and physically stimulate both the body and the brain and to develop key skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership.

Our schemes of work are informed by the National Curriculum and are designed to challenge and inspire students to love physical activity, so that they continue to exercise outside of and beyond school.

The activities in which pupils take part change regularly, so that pupils experience a wide range of sports and activities each year (please see the 'Core PE Programme of Study' sub-section for more detail).

Regular assessments include the use of peer observations and video analysis to feedback on pupils’ performances, in a variety of different sports and activities.

Parental Support

Parents can support pupils learning in PE by:

  • Encouraging pupils to fully participate in all lessons.
  • Ensuring pupils are in the correct kit for all PE lessons for health and safety reasons.
  • Not allowing students to get piercings during the school year, as all piercings will be asked to be removed for PE; regardless of length of time since piercing occurred. They will not be able to be covered-up with tape/plasters.
  • Writing letters in planners, asking for pupils to be excused if they are ill, (excused pupils are still required to bring kit for the lesson - extra layers are advised if a pupil is excused from outdoor lessons).
  • Providing a doctor’s note in the case of long-term illness or injury.
  • Encouraging pupils to take part in school sports clubs, inter-house sport and inter-school fixtures.
  • Participating in physical activity with their children or supporting their participation in sport outside school.
  • Encouraging pupils to let staff know about their participation in sport away from school.
  • Ensuring that medical information regarding their children is kept up to date with the school office.

Other information

  • Extra-Curricular Sport: A wide range of sporting activities is provided for pupils to take part in, including Team Sports (e.g. Football, Netball, Rounders, Handball and Cricket).
  • The school will be running teams in Netball (girls), Football (boys and girls), Handball (boys and girls), Cross Country (boys and girls), Rounders (girls), Cricket (boys and girls) and Athletics (boys and girls).
  • All pupils are encouraged to take part in inter–house sporting activities .

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