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UKMT Senior Challenges

UK Mathematical Trust Girl’s Mathematical Olympiad and Senior Mathematics Challenge

Following last year’s success in individual mathematical challenges and our students’ excellent performance in the Regional and National Team Mathematical Challenges, where we came top in the Region and 69th out of the top 88 teams in the country, Nottingham Free School is hoping to build its reputation by taking part in a range of Senior Mathematical Challenges.

On the 8th October, seven students from Year 11 and 12 took part in the Mathematical Olympiad for Girls. The Mathematical Olympiad for Girls is a 2.5-hour competition consisting of five challenging problems aimed at young women across the UK. The competition aims to encourage young women to tackle advanced mathematical problems and communicate their solutions effectively.

Participants get the chance to pit their skills against the top young mathematicians in the country and may be conferred with certificates of distinction if they are among the top scorers. The competition is also used by UKMT to identify students who might become members of the UK team for international competitions.

Early indications are that at least one of our students has earned a certificate of distinction.

The pursuit of mathematical excellence continues this month as sixteen students in Year 12 took part in the Senior Mathematical Challenge and a team of four students will take part in the Senior Team Challenge on 20th November.

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