Welcome to Student Ambassadors

We’re delighted to introduce our new Senior Student Ambassadors:

Hudiba Ahmed

Joe Bailey

Molly Doran

Hattie Edwards

Our roles within the school community will include being the heads of houses as well as leading the student council, prefects and student forums. We’re looking forward to hearing new ideas from students throughout the school from all year groups, and ensuring that every student has the opportunity to voice their opinions.

As Senior Student Ambassadors, we’re excited to plan and organise whole school and house events with the help of the student council and prefects. We will also be liaising with staff to guarantee that every student's voice is heard and we are all able to make a lasting positive impact on the wider school community. Having all been students here since the early days of Nottingham Free School, the four of us are proud to have a role in the continued growth of the school and the further development of links between the school community. Our core focus will always be on the school's ethos of Work Hard, Be Kind.

As Year 13 students, we’re really looking forward to working with new and familiar faces as we strengthen and energise student leadership across Nottingham Free School.

June 2022


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