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The Computer Science and ICT curriculum at Nottingham Free School enables students to become the best learners possible. We aspire for each student taking the subject to be a confident, capable and creative learner. Students develop their skills in digital technologies and computational thinking for the present, and for the future, so that they can understand the world around them.

The digital world is full of threats and the curriculum ensures that all students leave school with an understanding of e-safety and strategies to combat these threats. As jobs in the IT industry expand, programming is quickly becoming a necessary skill and we need more people who understand these skills, therefore our curriculum aims to give students these essential skills to succeed. Students will understand how to solve problems and come up with ideas and solutions to design systems, which will set them up with key skills beyond the computer and ICT curriculum for the future.

Throughout the curriculum, students will use a variety of programs to help them gain skills in computational thinking, an understanding of the internal components of computers, how networks function and the rules that govern these. As students develop these skills we encourage them to have the flexibility and openness of mind that is necessary to adjust to and take advantage of the ever quickening pace of technological change, both within this subject and others. They will consider how this can impact on ethical implications and consequences for individuals and society giving students a holistic understanding of how technology works in all aspects of their day to day and future lives.

Throughout the Computer Science and ICT curriculum we want students to learn about what is morally right and wrong about using the internet and social media. We also want them to understand about issues related to data and also what are the laws surrounding copyright and plagiarism. We also want students to learn about the ethics to do with the use of ICT and computers in a range of contexts.

The curriculum has been set up so that students get a good understanding of ICT and Computer Science. This is done studying alternating between ICT and Computer Science units taught early on at the their time at the NFS, allowing them to then make an informed choice later on about what path to pick.

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