Welcome to Year 7

Head of Year
  • Mr S McKay

  • 7P - Miss L Heathcote
  • 7T - Mr A Wells
  • 7C - Miss S Detton
  • 7H - Mrs D Machan

We pride ourselves in a real sense of community, respect and understanding for each other and aim to work hard and be kind all of the time. We endeavour to ensure that students work together and help each other to achieve their full potential academically, morally and socially.

The Tutor

The tutor is responsible for supporting the pupils in their care in all aspects of school life; academic, social and personal. They, alongside Heads of Department and subject staff, will monitor academic progress using data information circulated on a regular basis. We have a team of tutors, who are all teaching staff at the school. Tutors register their tutor set every morning and have time to discuss any concerns and prepare students for the day ahead.

We follow a weekly schedule for tutor time activities which provides students with an array of opportunities as well as support and guidance, in the following areas: attendance, positive and negative points, target setting and best achievement, homework and organisation, equipment, uniform, behaviour, active discussion time, quizzes and much more! Every week, one student from each tutor set is nominated as Star of the Week for achieving the most positive points the previous week. Every Friday, the tutor set with the best attendance overall are rewarded with flapjacks made by our kitchen staff.

The Head of Year

All of the tutor sets and tutors are led by our Head of Year, Mr McKay. The Head of Year is responsible for co-ordinating the work of the year group as a whole and monitoring overall pastoral care, behaviour and progress.

The Head of Year ensures that the whole Year group work together effectively to ensure that all students feel safe and happy at school, whilst maintaining our school ethos and high standards of behaviour by working alongside the teaching staff. The Head of Year also monitors achievement closely and ensures that students are rewarded for their hard work through our end of term achievement assemblies.

Tutor Time (9.15-9.35am daily)

Morning tutor sessions offer an opportunity for students to reflect on their progress and develop academically, morally and socially through our Personal Development Curriculum. Tutors will also complete uniform and equipment checks in this time to prepare students for the day.

Monday - Assembly

Tuesday – Behaviour data and analysis

Wednesday & Thursday – Personal development Curriculum

Friday – Quiz

Directed Study (8.30-9.15am Thursdays only)

Core Personal Development lessons

Students will be prepared for Options selection through Careers and Curriculum lessons. There will be a rotation of statutory Religion, Philosophy and Ethics and PSHE topics. All students must attend these lessons.

Tutor Mentoring

We offer Tutor Mentoring in allocated weeks of Directed Study, for tutors to support students with their wellbeing and achievement. Students are selected to participate and expected to attend these sessions. Parents can contact tutors if they believe their child would benefit from this. Our main focus for these sessions will be on Homework.

Please see the dates below for when students are expected in for compulsory Directed Study and Tutor Mentoring sessions:

  • 21st April - Homework Intervention (non-compulsory)
  • 28th April - Homework Intervention (non-compulsory)
  • 5th May - Homework Intervention (non-compulsory)
  • 12th May - Homework Intervention (non-compulsory)
  • 19th May - Homework Intervention (non-compulsory)
  • 26th May - Homework Intervention (non-compulsory)

Homework plays a vital role in student achievement and all homework set is relevant and purposeful in order to help students make progress with their learning. It is expected that students in Year 7 complete about one hour of homework each evening (in the lead up to assessments, this will increase) and homework is recorded and organised on Bromcom Student Portal: https://www.bromcomvle.com/


Attendance is a key factor in students' success at school. We monitor attendance very closely and students are expected to attend school every day and arrive on time each morning. Where possible, medical appointments should be made outside of school hours. An overall attendance of 96% or above will ensure that your child is making the best progress possible - anything below this is a cause for concern and your child will be missing key lessons and work.


Students should arrive at school well equipped and prepared for the day ahead. Parents and children together should ensure that they have the following everyday:

  • Pens x 2
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Sharpener
  • Green pen
  • Whiteboard pen
  • Scientific calculator
  • Reading book for DEAR
  • School diary (issued termly)

  • Black formal shoes (boots are not part of the uniform policy)
  • Black trousers or skirt (with the school logo)
  • White shirt
  • Jumper (optional)
  • Blazer
  • Tie
  • Dark coloured outdoor jacket for bad weather (this must be removed when inside)
  • Uniform PE kit

No jewellery (except one pair of stud earrings and a non-Smart watch). There should be no facial piercings.

Well-being & Support

We offer Tutor Mentoring in allocated weeks of Directed Study, for tutors to support students with their wellbeing and achievement. Students are able to access external mental health support services by speaking to their tutor or Head of Year. We work with the external providers Kooth, MHST (Mental Health Support Team) and SHARP (Self-harm support). Students can also access Kooth support online (https://www.kooth.com/). Parents can also contact staff for further information or to discuss making a referral.

Student council, extra-curricular activities and focus groups (LGBTQ+ & BAME)

Each year, two students are selected to represent their tutor group on the Student Council. We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities taking place during lunch and after school, which are updated and shared with students each half term. Students are able to sign up with the relevant member of staff. We also have an LGBTQ+ group with weekly sessions, which are staffed and offer a safe space for students. Our BAME focus group, which is open to students from all backgrounds, meets every half term to discuss diversity across our school curriculum.

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