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This half term in Music

In the past few weeks, there have been a variety of different topics covered in Music. Y7's have been learning about the elements of music and graphic scores. They have started to create their own graphic scores for their first assessment! Y8's have been learning about the Blues and how to play the 12 bar blues on the keyboards as well as playing a Blues melody with their 12 bar blues. Y9's have started their GCSE journey by learning the basics of Music theory and they are now starting to create their first GCSE composition using Sibelius. Y10's have learnt about their first 3 set works and are now concentrating on writing a ternary composition. This could go towards their final GCSE composition. Y11 have started to learn about their 6th set work and are concentrating on composing their set brief which will go towards their GCSE grade.

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