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New Features in MathsWatch

Once again we will be using MathsWatch to set one independent task a week for students to complement our exciting new whole school knowledge organisers system in independent study.

We were pleased to see that MathsWatch has launched exciting new features in the My Progress section for this year.

This section now allows you to work independently and keep track of the topics you have covered. It will inform you when you have acquired a skill or mastered a skill. A skill is acquired by watching the video attached to the topic and then correctly answering at least 3 of its associated standard questions and 3 of the associated harder questions. A skill is mastered by correctly answering all of the associated questions.

This will help you manage your independent study in maths, you should aim to master all the skills you need to reach your target for this year.

MathsWatch are also busy adding a "HINT" button on the independent interactive questions to help with some of the most challenging questions when needed, this is still a work in progress so bare with them.

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