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Places of Worship Visit

Yesterday all of year 8 visited the local Gurdwara and Nottingham Liberal Synagogue in Sherwood. The students had a fantastic time learning first hand about different artefacts and more about what it means to be a Jew or a Sikh in Britain today. We're so lucky to have these vibrant faith communities on our doorstep.

Thank you so much to Bill Landa, and Mike Harris and Shirley at the respective places of worship who looked after us and gave up their time to lead the visits. Also a massive thank you to the students who were superb. A particular thank you to Solly Worth who chanted from the Torah for the students who visited the synagogue. He is currently preparing for his Bar Mitzvah in April.

Students will be using this experience, along with work on other places of worship in class, to design a multi-faith place of worship. This task is designed to assess student's knowledge of different religious groups requirements for worship and cater for the diverse needs of a multi-faith community.

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