Year 10 work experience

We have now moved the work experience dates to:

Tuesday 19th, Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st October 2021. This will be for the YEAR 11s.

There will be no lessons for year 11s during these three days.

Please try your best to find a placement.

Year 10S will do their work experience : Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th May 2022

Work experience is beneficial for many reasons. Here are some of them:

· Have an experience outside of the classroom

· Interact with employers

· Develop employability skills

· Get a feel for a particular field of work

· Gain a better understanding of the expectations of work

· Gain confidence

· Learn how use a professional manner with colleagues and customers

· Explore future careers

· Develop personal skills

· Raise aspirations

October 2021


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