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Hello I’m Hudiba.

I’m one of the Yr13 students & Student Ambassadors at NFS 6th form. Within my time at NFS I’ve been studying A level English Literature, Psychology and Art. During my free time out of the usual academia world, I’m usually binging on Kdrama and eating ramen…my guilty pleasure or escaping to serene places, like nature or travelling around the world, my ultimate therapy (including food). Despite that, as a Student Ambassador I’m looking forward to guiding & shaping our community towards a brighter future, with more diversity and ambition, by making people’s aspirations into reality!

Hi, I’m Molly.

I’m currently studying English Literature, Religious Studies and Geography at the NFS 6th form. When I’m not in school, you’ll probably find me at the ice rink as I love to skate, or generally just do sport! I also love finding new TV series to watch, or finding a good book to read. As a Senior Student Ambassador, I’m really looking forward to seeing the ideas you guys come up with and helping to make your contributions become a reality in our school community!

May 2022


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