Directed Study

Directed Study will be part of our compulsory school day. i.e. students will be told when they must attend and what they will be doing. However, not all students will attend directed study everyday, and the programme will change through the academic year.

Many of our students have shown us through lockdown that they do not need to be supervised in order to study independently. Other students have shown that they require additional support and our directed study period will allow us to focus our resources on those who need it the most. It will also provide a platform for some of our ‘catch up’ provision. In addition to this study support tutors may want to see their tutor group during this session to help deliver the Personal Development Curriculum and sometimes a tutor may want to meet with individual students or a small group for mentoring. Heads of year or tutors will communicate directly with parents to ensure they know what sessions students need to attend.

August 2022


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