Schemes of Work

KS3 Music

In Key Stage 3 (years 7 and 8) we aim to deliver a broad experience of music and music making in line with the expectations of the National Curriculum (2013).

There are two music lessons a week which is divided into one classroom lesson and one instrumental lesson.

All pupils are assessed in the following areas.

  • Performing - solo and ensemble.
  • Composing
  • Listening

KS3 Music will prepare pupils for further study such as GCSE and A Levels.

GCSE Music

Pupils have the option of choosing GCSE Music in Y9. Pupils will have assessments in Performing, Composing and Listening.

Performing 30% Pupils will need to do a solo performance and an ensemble performance on their chosen instrument.
Composing 30% Pupils will need to compose a piece of music related to a set brief and will need to create a composition with no brief.
Listening 40% Pupils will have an exam based on four areas of study in which they will need to answer questions based on 8 set works and an unfamiliar piece of music.

September 2021


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