The school is now closed except for students of keyworkers. During lockdown the school day and for online lessons is 9am - 3.30pm. Please see the student and parent portal for further information.

January 2021 Key Information

Following the announcement on Monday that schools will move to online learning until at least half term, we have reviewed the structure of our online provision and the school day. We have done this primarily to ensure that both those students at home, and those in school, can access all provision equally. However, we hope that the shorter time frame of the day will also enable families at home to structure their day a little more easily. This new structure will be in place from Monday 11th January.

Structure of the day

During the lockdown the school day will run from 9:00-15:30 for all students regardless of their year group. Below is a table which shows when their normal in school periods will happen. You will need your child’s in school timetable to hand to match up their day, this should be in their planner or can be found on the My Child at School app.

We have attached a blank timetable of the online day here; you can use this to create the newly structured timetable for your child.

Using Teams

Please can you remind your son/daughter that Teams is a professional platform, and therefore, the chat function should not be used to talk to their friends. Unfortunately, there are some students who have been treating Teams as a social media platform and having conversations with the class which is causing students to miss vital information from staff during the lessons. Students should only write a post in Teams if it is to the teacher, to ask a question for example, and then to respond to the reply from the teacher and this should be done in an appropriate manner. Please also remind them that all posts written can be seen by everyone and there is a permanent record of these messages.

PE Lessons

Core PE lessons will not be conducted in the usual online learning way to allow flexibility of when these happen. The PE department has uploaded around 30 different activities that your child can do to help maintain their fitness. These do not have to be done during their weekly PE lesson, in fact, it is recommended they try to do something off this list every day.

Tutor Meetings and Parents Evenings

Following on from the success of our first round of tutor meetings on Tuesday morning we intend to continue these. The next one is on Friday morning, 8th January, and your child’s tutor will arrange this with them as before. This one will be an opportunity to check how the first week has gone, ensure all students are able to get online, check understanding of the new structure and follow up with any students who are not engaging with the work.

Following on from this there will be a tutor meeting once a week; the provisional dates of these are below and your child’s tutor will confirm and book their slot with them closer to the time:

  • Wednesday 13th January
  • Thursday 21st January
  • Friday 29th January
  • Tuesday 2nd February
  • Wednesday 10th February

The tutor times will run from 8:30-12:30, normal lessons will then resume from 12:40.

We are currently looking into how we can run parents’ evenings this year and we would like to reassure you that you will get an opportunity to have a conversation about your child’s progress. Further details will follow.

Key Worker and Vulnerable Care

Any students accessing this care should be in school and logged on ready to start their first lesson by 9:00am; students can start arriving from 8:45am. They should be dressed in school uniform and will be allocated a seat that will become theirs for the remainder of the half term. The usual guidelines of wearing a mask still apply so please ensure your child leaves for school with one. They need to make sure they have appropriate food and drink with them, headphones and if they have a school iPad they should bring this with them as well.

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