Computer Science is delivered to all pupils in the school by an experienced and enthusiastic staff. The subject has been split into two distinct areas; Computer Science and Information Technology.


The ICT department consists of a dedicated PC suite which has 33 workstations, a projector and sound system. The workstations run Windows 7, Office 2016 as well as a large range of Adobe multimedia software. Students also have access to digital cameras, scanners and iPads.


At Key Stage 3, ICT and Computer Science is taught across the curriculum with students receiving one lesson per week where both strands are taught through a range of units.

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At Key Stage 4, we offer two courses.

  • OCR Computer Science
  • OCR Cambridge Nationals Creative iMedia Level 2 course.

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Use of Computers

  • If technical problems occur, please alert your class teacher or Mr Takpaul.
    Do not attempt to rectify the problem yourself.
  • Treat all equipment with respect - do not fiddle with any electrical equipment.


  • Appropriate use of Internet & other services should be in line with school guidelines.
  • Have a committed & determined approach to all set tasks.
  • No games!

Presentation of work

All documents should follow the school expectations of PROUD.

June 2022


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Computing & ICT News

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