KS4 Knowledge Organisers

A - Your Drama Course

B- Features of a play

C - Terminology and Areas of the stage

D - Vocal and physical skills

E - Theatre roles and responsibilities

F - Stage configurations

G - Form and Genre

A - Dramatic Structure

B - Theatre Conventions

C - Characterisation

D - Vocal skills

E- Physical Skills

F - Plot and subplot. Linear and non-linear

  • Blood Brothers

A - Key information about the question

B - Characters

C - Plot and subplot

D - Context and themes

E - Knowledge and understanding of the play

A - Response to stimulus

B - Devising Log

C - Developing your ideas

D - Statement of Dramatic Intent

E - Checklist for devising

F - Practitioners

G - Performance style

H - Form and genre

A - What is a monologue

B - Tips for writing a strong monologue

A - Set design

B - Lighting design

C-Sound design

D - Costume design

E - Mask and puppet design

A - Physical Theatre

B - Brecht and Berkoff

C - Body language and status

D- 7 levels of tension

E - Gestus

F - Berkoff's Total Theatre

A - Augusto Boal

B - Context and glossary

C - Boal in context

D - Theatre Forms and bibliography

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