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KS4 Knowledge Organisers

Year 9 Year 10
Section A - Know the course
Section B - Features of a play
Section C - Areas of the stage and other terminology
Section D - Vocal and Physical Skills
Section E - Theatre roles and responsibilities
Section F - Stage configurations
Section G - Form and Genre
Section A - Dramatic Structure
Section B - Theatre Conventions
Section C - Characterisation
Section D - More on Vocal Skills
Section E - More on Physical Skills
Section F - Plots/Sub plots, Linear/Non linear
Section A - Physical Theatre
Section B - Brecht and Berkoff
Section C - Body language and status
Section D - 7 Levels of Tension
Section E - Gestus
Section F - Berkoff's Total Theatre
Section A - Set Design
Section B - Lighting Design
Section C - Sound Design
Section D - Costume Design
Section E - Masks and puppets

Blood Brothers

July 2020


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