KS4 Geography

GCSE Geography

Exam Board: AQA

Full course title: GCSE Geography

Course Code: 8035

Website address: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/geography/gcse/geography-8035

Examination / controlled assessment breakdown: 100% exam based

Course Outline

  • Human Geography - Section A: Urban Issues and Challenges, Section B: The Changing Economic World, Section C: The Challenge of Resource Management
  • Physical Geography - Section A: The Challenge of Natural Hazards, Section B: The Living World, Section C: Physical Landscapes in the UK
  • Fieldwork and Geographical skills are also learnt and assessed.

Assessment Details

There are 3 exams:

  1. Physical Geography (35%)
  2. Human Geography (35%)
  3. Geographical Skills and Fieldwork (30%)

Additional Information

A GCSE in Geography will develop a range of transferable skills including: Communication, independent research and strong presentation skills, team work, data analysis and time management.

Potential University Courses: Geography, International Relations, Politics, Economics, PE, History, Politics, Economics, Media, Teaching, Law, Criminology, Forensics, Business, Journalism, Theology, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Law, Criminology, Medicine, Nursing.

Potential Careers: Journalism, politician, tourism, environmentalist, weather forecaster/presenter, town planner, surveyor, outdoor pursuits, survival expert, business, architects, finance and banking, law, politics, police, television, armed forces, research, doctor, teaching, law, social work, nursing, travel writer, TV researcher, conservation worker, architect, urban planner, environmental consultant, financial risk assessor, transport/logistics manager, diplomat, human rights officer, armed forces, surveyor, town planner, environmental engineer (all fields of engineering), marketing, social worker, hydrologist, hazard prediction and management and weather presenter.

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