Year 11 Food

NEA Expectations

Students have started their NEA which counts towards 50% of their final GCSE grade. All students have been issued with a help booklet to explain what is needed in each section. To download a copy of this help guide click here.

No work for the NEA can be completed at home. All work must be completed in controlled conditions at school.

NEA Deadlines

In order to help the students make the final deadline, deadlines for each section have been set as laid out below:

Research: 23rd September

10 possible dishes: 7th October

Write up of skills trial dishes: 9th December

Reasons for choice and recipes for final exams handed in: 16th December

Time plan: 17th January

Group 1 exam: 20th January

Group 2 exam: 27th January

Evaluation: 10th February

All work must be submitted by 10th February

Dates of practical work

In the skill trial section (which is worth 18 marks) the students must participate in 4 practicals that demonstrate a wide range of skills. The dates of these practicals are:

  • Thursday 4th November
  • Thursday 11th November
  • Thursday 18th November
  • Thursday 25th November

For absence reasons we have also set aside a practical on 2nd December if it is needed.

Dates of practical exam

Nearer the time, students will be told whether they are taking part in the first exam or second exam. The possible dates of the practical exams are:

  • Thursday 20th January
  • Thursday 27th January

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